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Koriagina Yu. V. Hronologicheskie the basics of sports deyatelnosti / Yu. V. Koryagina // Publisher Sibgufk. – Omsk., 2008. - 227 p.

The monograph presents modern scientific data and the results of experimental studies on the laws and mechanisms of time flow in humans. Features of processes of perception of time and space by the person, methods of research of biological time are considered.  Special attention is paid to the disclosure of physiological regularities of the temporal organization of the processes of perception of time and space in the conditions of sports activity. The data of influence of psychophysiological features, sports qualification and specialization on rhythmic organization of processes perception of time and space and physiological indicators of athletes are given. The monograph is intended for teachers, physiologists, biologists, psychologists, as well as for coaches, graduate students, students and a wide range of readers-athletes and persons interested in sports problems.