List of articles in category Publications
Abutalimova S.M. Development and substantiation of technologies of application of endomassage and magnetic field in processes of recovery and rehabilitation of athletes in sports of the highest achievements
Bugaeva N.A., Koryagina Yu.V. Features of the processes of perception of time and space in girls in different phases of the ovarian-menstrual cycle (OMC)
Gorchinsky V.V., Koryagina Yu.V. Chronobiological adaptation youngsters to take up sports sailing
Koriagina Yu.V. The Physiology of strength sports
Koriagina Yu.V., Paimurzina T.Y. Age-related peculiarities of temporal and spatial properties of school girls grades 1-9
Koryagina Yu.V. Chronobiological peculiarities of adaptation to various sports activities
Koryagina Yu.V. Chronological bases of sports activity
Koryagina Yu.V. Development of specific types of sensorimotor reactions in the training process of badminton players
Koryagina Yu.V. Intuitive ideas about the structure and properties of time in athletes of different specializations and persons not involved in sports
Koryagina Yu.V. Perception of time and space in sports activity
Koryagina Yu.V. Prospects of application of out-of-training physiological means of increase of working capacity in sport
Koryagina Yu.V., Nopin S.V. Hardware-software complexes of research of psychophysiological features of athletes
Koryagina Yu.V., Nopin S.V. Use of information technologies for the study of temporal and spatial properties of man
Koryagina Yu.V., Werner V.V. Sports chronobiology
Kucuk T.P., Koryagina Yu.V. Infradian rhythms of the functional status of athletes - boys
Salova Yu.P., Koryagina Yu.V. Daily rhythmicity of indicators of systems of vegetative maintenance of skiers-racers
Salova Yu.P., Koryagina Yu.V. features of the rhythmic organization of autonomic systems ensure skiers
Salova Yu.P., Razumov V.I., Koryagina Yu.V. Methodological approach to the system of functional training of skiers taking into account chronobiological characteristics
Shemet S.I., Koryagina Yu.V. Features of perception of time and space in adolescents with intellectual development disorders
Shumilin E.S., Koryagina Yu.V. Method of development of special flexibility and explosive force in the preparatory period of powerlifters in groups of initial training
Vasiliev K.I., Roguleva L.G., Koryagina Yu.V. effectiveness of competitive activity and functional state of highly qualified badminton players
Zamchiy T.P., Koryagina Yu.V. Morphological, functional and psychological features of athletes and sportswomen of power sports from the position of sexual dimorphism