Science degree: Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences

Academic status: Professor

Place of work: the Federal State Budgetary Education Institution of Higher Professional Education “Siberian State University of Physical Culture and Sports”

Position: Professor of the department of medical and biological basics of physical culture and sports

SPIN-code: 2012-7303, AuthorID: 301875.

She has published more than 250 research and methodical works, including monographs "Basic coordination abilities of schoolchildren with different levels of health” (2000, coauthor), “Coordination training in sports” (2015, coauthor); learning guides “Coordination abilities of children with cognitive development disorder” (1999, coauthor); “Intervention program for improving coordination abilities of children with vision impairment” (1999, coauthor). Russian Scientific Citation Index is 758, Hirsch index is 10.

Specialty code is 13.00.04 Theory and methods of physical education, sports training, health-related and adaptive physical culture.