Science degree: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences.

Academic status: Associate Professor.

Place of work:  Shadrinsk State Pedagogical University, Shadrinsk, Russia.

Position: Associate Professor of the Department of Sports Discipline and Physical Education, Head of the Education Quality Control Department.

AuthorID: 368923

Published more than 70 scientific and methodological works, including the following:

  • “Special methods of adaptive physical culture”, a textbook (2007, co-author)
  • “People with disabilities: psychology and pedagogical studies of behavioral and personal features”, a monograph (2019, co-author)
  • “All-round track-and-field: program for children and youth physical training clubs (for children, adolescents, young men and women with mild intellectual disability)”, guidelines (1997, co-author)
  • “Physical training: program of additional physical culture education with aimed development of physical qualities (for primary school children with intellectual disability)” (1998, co-author)
  • “Futsal: program for children and youth sports adaptive schools (2011, co-author)
  • “Adaptive physical culture for children with developmental disorders” (2020)
  • “Adaptive physical culture for children with developmental disorders: psychological and pedagogical support” (2020)

Hirsch index – 8.

Specialty code: 5.8.6 – Health-improving and adaptive physical culture, pedagogical sciences.

Membership in other editorial boards: member of the “Adaptive Physical Culture” editorial board.