Science degree: Doctor of Medical Sciences.

Academic status: Professor.

Place of work:  Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Sports Medicine of the Uzbekistan Olympic Committee.

Position: Deputy Director of Research and Innovation.

ORCID: 0000-0001-5470-3498, Scopus: 6505781882

Author of more than 750 scientific works, including 10 textbooks and 30 methodological guidelines. Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, correspondent member of the Russian Academy of Medical-Technical Sciences, Deputy President of the Uzbekistan National Ethics Committee, Expert Board President  of the Uzbekistan Higher Attestation Commission in medicine. Public Council member of the Uzbekistan Higher Attestation Commission.

Professional activity is related to preparing scientific staff in the field of clinical and sports medicine, clinical pharmacology, as well as to scientific development directed towards personalized approaches in choosing medications, study of genetic determinants of athletic success, issues of pharmacogenotyping.

Specialty code: 3.1.33 – Restorative medicine, sports medicine, physical therapy, medical sciences.

Membership in other editorial boards: Chief Editor of “Med Vizion” journals, Deputy Chief Editor of the “Medicine and Sports”, “Infection, Pharmacology, Immunity”, member of the “TMA Bulletin”, “Uzbekistan Therapeutic Bulletin” editorial board.