Science degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences.

Academic status:

Place of work: FSBI “North-Caucasian Federal Research-Clinical Center of Federal Medical and Biological Agency”, Essentuki.

Position: Leading Researcher of the Center for Biomedical Technologies.

AuthorID: 244257, Scopus: 56653433200, ORCID: 0000-0001-9406-4504

Author of more than 165 scientific works, indexed in the national bibliographic database of scientific citation (Russian scientific citation index), including 3 monographs, 2 teaching guides, 11 methodological guidelines, 23 computer program registration certificates, 4 patents, number of citations – 587, Hirsh index – 12. Research directions:

  • - scientific and methodological support of athlete training;
  • - sports orientation of children and adolescents;
  • - biomechanical and electromyographic analysis of athlete’s movements;
  • - development of the software, hardware and software complexes of the comprehensive control over performance and technical fitness in different sports;
  • - information technologies, information security, media transport through digital channels.

Specialty code: 1.5.5 – Human and animal physiology, biological sciences.

Membership in other editorial boards: member of the “Modern Issues of Biomedicine” editorial board.